Increase Reach Potential & Response Rates with Email & SMS

Hera Operations specialises in both ‘Standard’ and ‘Clever’ Email and SMS campaigns using the latest technologies ensuring excellent deliverability and high open rates.

Having had many years of experience in this area, I can work with you to gain a full brief on the type of campaign you are after and recommend which digital communication would reap the best results for you. You can then either have Hera design your artwork or simply supply your own for us to send via our systems.

All our standard SMS and Email campaigns offer the following:

  • Proven high deliverability
  • Personalisation to your clients e.g. Dear Mr Jones
  • SMS/Email back-up available to bounced/invalid/missing data
  • Full real-time campaign analytics with opens and click-through tracking
  • Custom domains and dedicated IP addresses
  • Automatic handling of undelivered emails and unsubscribes

What’s so ‘Clever’?

We all know that form-filling can be a barrier so with our ‘Clever’ system your enquiries increase because all the customer has to do is one click by simply pressing submit in response to your campaign. Our technology knows who they are and you are then instantly notified of those responses including all customer details.

Choose from either an Email linking to a ‘Clever’ landing page or an SMS to a ‘Clever’ landing page, both then have a thank you page once the customer has responded and all are personalised.

The additional benefits of a ‘Clever’ Email or SMS campaign include all those in a ‘Standard’ plus;

  • No need for form fills - Customer data is passed to the landing page from the email or SMS
  • Instant notification sent to one or more people within your teams advising of the landing page completion
  • Full personalisation including thank you email or SMS sent to the subscriber on completion of the landing page
  • Share function - Share by email, Facebook or Twitter
  • Clever SMS uses short links to landing page, giving more space for the SMS message
  • Clicked links are tracked in both email & SMS
  • Daily, weekly and monthly digests emails available
  • Post mailing PDF analytics can be exported via client console